About Toni

With a varied background as a social worker, teacher, a jane of all trades, training through Martha Beck, and experience in the school of life, I bring both my passion and my expertise to each and every individual person that I meet. I will help you believe & achieve!


 I am passionate about people and their passions, helping others find what they are searching for, employee development, enhancing management & employee skills, and giving insight about how to appreciate your journey in life.  I use my philosophy of "Buck Up!" & "Get It Together!" coupled with a super sense of humor, a spouting off of song lyrics, and compassion to help businesses and individuals empower themselves and transform.   

I have launched my own podcast, "Glow Brighter with Toni", where we deep dive together on all of life topics and experiences.  Tune in and listen for a little radiant shine to your life, positive energy, affirmations, dreams, goals, and special guests that are working it too. You can find it on the Podcast tab above. Let's Glow Brighter together!