Five Minute Friday: Before

For the longest time way back when, I found this great practice of having a word sent to you every Friday and then you write for five minutes unapologetically, without a filter, and just let the words flow. I recently found all of my old writings and then resumed my practice by reconnecting with the site. You can find it here by the way:

How fitting to have my first post back to my relaunched website to be on the word, Before. So here is Five Minute Friday.....


I remember there used to be a time before when I was married but now it has been 8 years ago, I barely remember that time. Isn't it funny how life changes and moves so quickly? That when you thought your life was inadvertently over, it only essentially really began. Before I used to be a woman that let others dictate my time and resources. I would gladly take the backseat to their needs and gifts rise above mine. It was easier. I always felt that I was the stronger one. The one able to withstand but how sad that I had to let my gifts dim and not shine?

I am now in this empowerment, impactful, shining, and radiating, bright place where I do not even remember before. Because this woman was in there all along, ready for her due course. Ready to shine it out! I am just slowly starting to be more BGID (Bitch Get It Done)*, to be more okay with vulnerability, and being more direct in love relationships. The Rising Woman post on Instagram about dating really hit me in the feels. It made me change the way that I approach my relationships. Instead of a place of fear and rejection, it is one of clarity and empowerment. It is one where I lean into fear and risk.

I am a person that always rolls the dice in life and now I am fully integrating that now in my love relationships too. It is great to finally come from a place of before and arrive at the place of now. The place where I know that I am enough, that I can make it on my own, a place where I love being single, and I also love being in a relationship too. A place where I get to dictate and decide my future and not get bogged down by men that are not on my same level and cannot rise as high. I am looking for the one that lets me shine. Maybe, they are not as bright as me but they definitely do not take away and help bask in the glow!


*We will address this on the first episode of the Podcast. Stay Tuned! :-) *

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