Five Minute Friday: Patient

Well, this word is my Achilles Heel. It is one of the hardest things for me to do is to be calm, cool, and collected and surrendering to the outcome. I feel there have been numerous points in my life where I hated being in an uncertain place. I mean, let's be real here who really likes being in a place of uncertainty? The reality is that we go to those places because it is in those times that we grow. We really learn what kind of things make us tick, think, move, and leave.

It is realizing in the moments of uncertainty that we have a choice always. It is hard to remember that with everything going on right now in the pandemic. It seems like there are our freedoms that are being pushed to the side and we are having to self-isolation away from all the things that we have grown accustomed to having. It is the uncertainty of when everything ends.

Yet, if we can lean in, if we can really reach in and sit in it, we will hear that this too shall pass. That we will make it out. That it is not forever. It is adapting to the now. It is making the most out of the day. Embracing the feelings as they rise up. Being patient with ourselves and others. Letting others feel their feels. Being vulnerable and being okay with not knowing. Being okay with leaning on others to give us joy. Being okay with finding that joy within ourselves. It is not an easy task right now. It is not easy to have patience in certain circumstances.

Some people are better than others. I work with a great group of people that have patience in spades. And, I look at them with awe. I read somewhere that if there is a quality in someone else that you love, you probably possess it too. I believe that to be mostly true. Or, at least, I hope it is.


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